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TechAssist Europe Ltd. is one of Annson's Associates.

Founded in 1996, Annson & Associates Ltd have provided turnkey solutions and software assistance in the fields of Data Acquisition, Process Monitoring and Automatic Testing to a wide range of clients and applications.


Annson & Associates Ltd are able to offer total solutions to your problems, including:

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TechAssist Europe Ltd.
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Lancs BB18 6NH
+44(0) 7789 355058

E-Mail: Phil@TechAssistUK.co.uk


Software solutions

Systems Integration

PCB design and assembly

19" rack mounted computer solutions

ISA based computer solutions to support heritage expansion board systems.

Solutions include:

Surface mount component test

Vacuum pump production test

Gas regulator test

Aircraft in-flight monitoring

Joystick style hydraulic test

River pollution monitoring

Animal feed control

Foil release test