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About us

TechAssist Europe Ltd.

TechAssist Europe Ltd. can supply all types of Technical Assistance to your organization. The use of specialist consultants is a well established practice in both global companies and niche-market suppliers.

TechAssist Europe Ltd. recognises that placing products on the European market places a heavy burden on the importer and/or manufacturer and in particular when it comes to the legal documentation that is required. TechAssist Europe Ltd. can supply the expertise that your organization needs on a temporary basis to compile this mountain of documentation whilst the Technical Author remains outside the organisations political environment.

TechAssist Europe Ltd. is not a part of any of the national "Notified Bodies" and as such, is free to offer the best course of action to suit the individual circumstances.

TechAssist Europe Ltd. can provide the legally required Harmonised Standards to suit the target countries either on a one-off purchase or on a library basis to be used as and when required.

TechAssist Europe Ltd. will provide a Non-Disclosure document at your request.

Risk Assessment to ISO/EN standards can be compiled and documented to be compliant with the EU Machinery Directive.